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Organic fruit production
Irina Staneva, Maria Gospodinova
Abstract: Europe is a major producer of organic fruit crops. Consumer demand for organically grown produce has increased dramatically over the past decade, most likely because of the perceived benefits to the environment and human health. More and more consumers are thus prepared to pay premium prices for organic fruits thanks to the perception that organic products are safe, clean, more nutritious, healthy, better-tasting and environmentally friendlier than conventional fruits. Interest in organic fruit production has expanded in recent years, where management practices differ from those in conventional production. Synthetic products are generally not allowed in organic fruit production: for example in plant protection and nutrient supply, only natural products are permitted according to IFOAM standards. The objective of this article is to review scientifically based information dealing with the effects of organic nutrient sources on crop yields and quality, soil properties, and environmental risks.
Keywords: bioproducts; environment; natural resources; organic fruits; organic production
Date published: 2018-07-12
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