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Comparative investigation of red currant varieties
Nedyalka Stoyanova
Abstract: The investigation was carried out in the period 2011 – 2014 and includes five red currant varieties – Красная Смольянинова, Красная Кузьмина, Kaukazusi Piros, Rondom and a standard variety Jonkheer van Tets. Under the certain climatic conditions in our region the flowering phase of the studied varieties begins on 20 April at the earliest and on 14 May at the latest. The standard variety Jonkheer van Tets appears as early ripening and only Rоndom is late ripening. During the period of the investigation the differences between the varieties regarding average yield are inconsiderable which shows their close potential. The fertility of Rondom and Красная Смольянинова exceeds the fertility of the standard Jonkheer van Tets. The average weight of fruit varies comparatively unimportantly between 0,53 g and 0,68 g. All the varieties have small fruits only Jonkheer van Tets has medium sized fruits. The investigated varieties have clusters of medium length and only Красная Смолянинова has long clusters. Rondom and Красная Смольянинова form the most blossoms and fruits per cluster thus exceeding Jonkheer van Tets. There is a tendency for the varieties Rondom and Красная Смольянинова to slightly exceed Jonkheer van Tets as regards yield, cluster length and number of fruits per cluster.
Keywords: cluster length; fruit weight; fruits per cluster; number of blossoms; phenological observations; red currant; varieties; yield
Date published: 2017-03-15
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