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Possibilities for commixture of pesticides in the varieties of winter forage barley
Dina Atanasova, Vasilina Maneva
Abstract: The study was conducted at the Institute of Agriculture - Karnobat in 2014-2017 on two varieties of winter forage barley - Aheloy 2 and IZ Bory. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of commixture of plant protection products applied in optimal doses in the end of twinning phase in barley on crop yield. Variety Aheloy 2 is more stable to environmental conditions and treatment with pesticides. On average, in three years it increases its yield in 11 variants of the experiment, and there is a negative reaction only in 3 and 18 variants of the experiment. In IZ Bory a much higher yield is obtained, especially when the agro-meteorological conditions are favorable for the development of the plants, but the variety reacts much more negatively to external conditions, incl. and to pesticide treatment. We recommend not to treatment the crops in unfavorable agro-meteorological conditions, especially when there is no strong manifestation of attack by diseases and pests and if possible not to mix plant protection products.
Keywords: commixture; forage barley varietie; pesticides; yield
Date published: 2023-08-24
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