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Results of the chemical analyses and the sensory profile of peach fruits
Sashka Savchovska, Vanya Akova
Abstract: In 2021 an experiment was carried out at the Fruit Growing Institute – Plovdiv to establish the effect of the biological characteristics of the early fruit ripening peach cultivars ‘Flavia’ and ‘Filina’, the later ripening cultivars ‘Laskava’ and ‘Evmolpia’, the early ripening hybrid 19-78, as well as the late ripening one 7-59, on the quantitative ratio of the major chemical components in fruit and their relationship with the sensory characteristics. It was found that the content of soluble dry matter, total sugars and sucrose, which is the dominant sugar in peach fruits, showed a tendency to depend on the ripening period. The highest values were established in the late ripening cultivars ‘Laskava’ and ‘Evmolpia’, followed by the late ripening hybrid 7-59. The sensory profile of all the studied cultivars and hybrids was very good, the fruits of hybrid 7-59 and those of ‘Laskava’ cultivar having the highest overall sensory evaluation scores.
Keywords: chemical composition; peach; Prunus persica; sensory profile
Date published: 2022-06-21
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