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Influence of duration of storage and pre-sowing electromagnetic treatment on the sowing qualities of cotton seeds II. Sprout and root length
Minka Koleva, Milena Radevska
Abstract: Seeds of five Bulgarian cotton varieties Chirpan-539, Helius, Trakia, Natalia and Nelina, stored for one and two years, were subjected to pre-sowing electromagnetic treatments. It was found stimulating effect of treatments on the length of sprout (10.1-15.3%), length of root (5.3-17.5%) and total sprout and root length (7.5-16.4%). The sprout length was most strongly influenced by the varieties × duration of storage interaction, while the root length and total sprout and root length were most strongly influenced by the duration of storage. Compared to the control variant - Chirpan-539, untreated seeds, stored for one year, greater total sprout and root length was accounted at the one-year storage of seeds for the varieties: Natalia, treatment options 1[U=(8…5)kV, τ =(15…35)s] and 4[U=(6…3)kV, τ =(5…25)s] - 22.9-24.1%; Nelina and Helius, treatment options 2 and 4 – respectively 17.8-23.0% и 16.5-19.5%. The strongest stimulating effect of the treatments on the total sprout and root length was observed for the Helius variety for the seeds stored for one year and treatment option 2[U=(6…3)kV, τ = (15…35) s] - 43.9% compared to the corresponding of these varieties control (untreated seeds, one year storage).
Keywords: cotton seeds; pre-sowing electromagnetic treatment; root length; sprout length; total sprout and root length
Date published: 2021-12-08
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