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Foliar fertilization of sour cherry cv. Erdi Bötermö
Аneliya Zdravkova
Abstract: The investigation was carried during the period 2014-2016 at the Institute of Agriculture – Kyustendil, Bulgaria with sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L) cv. Erdi Bötermö. The orchard plantation was established in 2006. Planting distances were 5x4 m. The soil was severe leached cinnamon forest (Chromic Luvisols). Foliar fertilization treatments were: V1 - non fertilized (control); V2 - foliar fertilizer Leili 2000 - 100 ml/da; V3 - foliar fertilizer AmiCa - 150 ml/da; V4 - foliar fertilizer ProBoron - 50 ml/da. Average for the period Leili 2000 foliar fertilizer application increased yield significantly - with 34,03% and ProBoron foliar fertilizer - with 39,48% compared to the control. AmiCa foliar fertilizer increased yield insignificant - with 13,12%. Foliar treatments increased average fruit weight significantly - Leili 2000 fertilizer by 1,96% and ProBoron fertilizer by 3,92% compared to the control. The fruit chemical composition was more influenced by the precipitation amount than by the applied foliar treatments.
Keywords: average fruit weight; foliar fertilization; fruit chemical composition; sour cherry; yield
Date published: 2020-10-22
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