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Entomofauna of Coleoptera in alfalfa agrocenoses (Medicago sativa L.) a review
Ivelina Nikolova
Abstract: The report provided a short literature overview of the Coleoptera entomofauna in alfalfa agrocenoses – one of the species-richest and with numerous representatives of the Insecta class. Major and economically important species are presented in different regions of the world and in Bulgaria. Аs a result of their food activity, they damaged all vegetative and reproductive organs and caused economic losses and reduced yield in alfalfa forage and seeds. The mechanism of injury of the dominant species and damages that occur as a response in the plant organism is described. The damaging stages from the development of the main insect pests from Coleoptera order are indicated as well as the sensitive alfalfa phases when the species cause the most considerable injury. Some directions for future research are defined.
Keywords: Coleoptera; damage mechanism; alfalfa agrocenoses
Date published: 2019-05-27
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