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Inheritance of Quantitative Traits and Genotype-Environment Interactions in a Hybrid Combination between Seeded and Seedless Vine Cultivar V. Roych
Venelin Roychev
Abstract: An investigation has been carried out into the inheritance of quantitative traits and the genotype-environment interactions in F1 progeny of a hybrid combination between a seeded and seedless vine cultivar Hybrid 28-13 × Russalka. It has been found that their inheritance is mainly characterized by incomplete dominance of the parent cultivars with low values. Dominant genes interacting with the environment possess greater phenotypic significance than additive genes. A destabilizing effect prevails, expressed to a different extent, of the genotype-environment interaction on the phenotypic values of the studied traits. Inheritance is average for the traits berry softening (colouring) – technological maturity, weight of 100 berries, and high for the traits flowering phenophase, cluster width and sugars. Depending on the selection value, the selection of elite hybrid forms shall be remarkably efficient when performed according to the traits period of flowering – berry softening (colouring), period of berry softening (colouring) – technological maturity, cluster weight, weight of 100 berries and acids.
Keywords: hybrid combination; vine; quantitative traits; inheritance; genotype-environment interactions; selection value
Date published: 2017-08-10
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