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Study Results on Local Plant Resources of Genus Cerasus in the Region of Troyan
Ivan Minev
Abstract: Expeditionary surveys were conducted in order to search for wild resources of genus Cerasus in the region of Troyan. A great variety of forms was found, distinguished by their morphological and biological characteristics. Their fruits ripened in the second half of June. They were comparatively small-sized, but trees were heavily loaded with fruits and had high fruitfulness. Fruit skin colouring was from red to dark-purple black. Eight forms represented a greater interest. Their fruit weight varied from 1.29 to 3.49 g. Trees with fruits about 2 – 2.5 g were dominant. Total sugars in fruits varied from 7.85% to 15.35%, as for the main part of studied forms they were 12.45 – 15.35%. The inverted sugar took a great deal from the total sugars, as only for No1 and 4 the sucrose amount was respectively 1.62% and 0.38%. Move valuable were forms No. 1 and No. 2, which possessed comparatively larger fruits – 2.8 g, and they had a higher
content of total sugars (13.6 – 15.3 mg/%). They were superior with anthocyanins (61.45 mg/%) than most of the cultivated cherry cultivars. They had very good taste qualities. Form No. 1 had a better combination of sugar and acids, and more juicy consistency, while the fruit flesh in No. 2 was crispier.
Keywords: cherries; local plant resources; pomology; reproductive manifestations
Date published: 2017-08-10
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