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Study of Nectarine Cultivars in the Period of Initial Fruiting II. Growth Manifestations and Yield of Late Nectarine Cultivars
Argir Zhivondov, Dimitar Vassilev
Abstract: The study was conducted during the period 2011 – 2013 at the Experimental Station of Agriculture – Khan Krum. Studied are fve cultivars of nectarines engrafted of the seed rootstock (Elbert) and clonal GF – 677. The object of study are the following cultivars Fantazy, Golden grand, Morsiani 51, Kassiopea and Fairlane. The yield of the tree is relatively high to Kassiopea/seminal, Fairlane/GF – 677 and Kassiopea/GF – 677. The number of growth points is proven to high Goldengrand/GF – 677, Morsiani51/GF – 677 and Kassiopea/GF – 677 (304.6 – 341.6). Relatively the lowest number have their Goldengrand/seminal and Fantazy/seminal. There is trend cultivar of nectarines rootstock GF – 677 to form higher yield and overgrown wood than seminal
Keywords: cultivars; nectarine; rootstock; yield
Date published: 2017-08-10
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