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Optimizing the rooting process in propagation in vitro of cherry rootstock Gisela 6
Krastina Kornova, Stamen Popov
Abstract: The possibilities of optimizing the technological cycle during the micropropagation of Cherry rootstock “Gisela” 6 (P. cerasuas “Schattenmorele” × P. canescens sp.) in the step of rooting in vitro were studied. The investigation was carried out in two directions: 1) Following up the effect of the mineral content in the nutrient medium – MS with ¼ macroelements and its modifications concerning the amount of ammonium nitrate; 2) Study on the effect of auxins – IBA, ІАА and NAA at concentration 1.0 mg/l with adding small quantities of GA3. The best conditions for rhizogenesis provide the medium
MS, supplemented with IBA (81.5 – 96.3% rooting), achieving optimal performance regarding of mean number and length of formed roots and stem height. When planting rooted plants in ex vitro conditions, a very good transplantation and adaptation was established with active growth of stem segments and leaf mass.
Keywords: auxins; cherry rootstock; Gisela 6; propagation in vitro; rooting
Date published: 2017-08-09
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