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Growth vigour of nectarine cultivars in the nursery
Dimitar Vasilev, Argir Zhivondov
Abstract: In the recent years the clonal rootstock GF-677 has undoubtedly established its position in the production of planting material for peach and nectarine, replacing the traditional seedling rootstocks. The trial was set up with 13 nectarine cultivars grafted on the clonal rootstock GF-677 and on the seedling rootstock of ‘Elberta’ cultivar. The study was carried out in the period 2009 – 2011 in a second-year nursery of the Agricultural Experimental Station in Khan Krum. It was established that the percentage of survival rate of the implants in the 26 studied cultivar/rootstock combinations was high enough and there was no need of re-grafting. No symptoms of incompatibility between rootstock and scion were found out. The planting material obtained from all the cultivar/rootstock combinations was in compliance with the standard requirements. The fact that the clonal rootstock GF-677 and the seedling rootstock of ‘Elberta’ cultivar are absolutely suitable for the production of nectarine planting material was confirmed in the present study.
Keywords: nectarine; rootstocks; cultivars; growth vigour
Date published: 2017-07-12
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