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Growth dynamics of peach and nectarine rootstocks in a first-year nursery
Argir Zhivondov, Dimitar Vasilev
Abstract: The investigations were carried out in 2011 and 2012 on the fruit-tree nursery site at the Agricultural Experimental Station in Khan Krum, Shumen region. Growth habits of the clonal rootstocks GF-677 and No. 9-205 and of the seedling rootstocks ‘Elberta’ were studied in a first-year nursery. The clonal rootstock No. 9-205 is a hybrid selected from a population obtained at the Fruit-Growing Institute – Plovdiv from open pollination of the peach seedling rootstock ‘Rugers red leaf’, used in the past. In the first-year nursery site the clonal rootstock GF-677 was the most vigourously growing and it formed the largest number of first- and second-order adventitious shoots. The clonal rootstocks obtained from ‘Elberta’ cultivar had the poorest growth and formed the least number of adventitious shoots. Hybrid No. 9-205, tested as a new rootstock, occupied an intermediate position in growth vigour, as well as in number of adventitious shoots.
Keywords: growth vigour; nectarine; Prunus persica; rootstocks
Date published: 2017-07-12
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