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Investigation on the Main Traits of the Sterile Analogue of sunflower Line 2607 using normal seeds and seeds without seed coat
Galin Georgiev, Penka Peevska
Abstract: The investigation was conducted during 2009–2010 at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo. Seeds and kernels of line 2607 were used. Some main sunflower traits were studied such as germination vigour, seed germination, plant height, head diameter, duration of flowering, seed yield, oil content in seed, etc. No difference was found between the normal seeds and the seeds without seed coat during the first year of their use; they were entirely equal and can be used after the usual treatment with fungicides and insecticides without affecting their sowing quality. During the second year the germination energy of the kernels dropped down with more than 50%, and germination capacity decreased from 95 to 51%. The normal seeds maintained their sowing qualities during the second year. When using seed lots with kernels without seed coat, the sowing norm should be higher during the second year. When reading the other main traits characterizing this crop in the normal seeds and in the kernel (duration of flowering, plant height, head diameter, oil content in seed), variations by year were not registered. The variations in the above indices were mainly caused by the year conditions. No variation was found in the main index seed yield during the first year and during the second year the differences were due to low germination and the smaller number of plants obtained per area unit.
Keywords: kernels; seeds; sowing qualities; sunflower; yield
Date published: 2017-07-06
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