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Economical characteristics of perspective lines of Nevrokop tobacco ecotype
Daniela Vitanova, Yovko Dyulgerski
Abstract: Biological and economic indicators of eight genotypes of Nevrokop tobacco ecotype have been studied, including six perspective lines and the varieties Nevrokop 1146 and Krumovgrad 90. The investigation have been conducted during the tree-year period (2010-2012) within the agro-ecological conditions of Nevrokop region. The length of vegetation period, the yield per dka and the percentage of classes have been assessed. The Line 3 presented the shortest and the most favourable length of vegetation period. Line 5, Line 6 and Line 1 have short vegetation period also. All new-created lines have much shorter length of vegetation period in comparison to the control variety Krumovgrad 90, which is a success of the Nevrokop tobacco ecotype selection. The highest yield, average for the period of study, has been received from the standard variety Nevrokop 1146. The second place occupies Line 4, giving over 200 kg/dka and turns out as high profitable. The highest percentage of first class for the period shows the control variety Krumovgrad 90. The second place according this indicator is for Line 2 and Line 4. From the new-created lines the most perspective is Line 4, which strongly surpasses, in terms of yield, the control variety Krumovgrad 90 and the standard variety Nevrokop 1146, in relation to percentage of first class. The economic characteristics of new lines meet the requirements of Nevrokop ecotype. All new lines could be included successfully in the selection programs.
Keywords: length of vegetation period; Nevrokop ecotype; nеw lines; percentage of classes; tobacco; yield
Date published: 2017-03-15
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