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Importance of species of the family Syrphidae (Diptera) for biological control of Macrosiphum rosae L. (Aphididae, Homoptera)
Hristo Lambev
Abstract: The study was conducted in the period 2009 – 2011 in plantations of oil-bearing rose in the region of Kazanlak. Dynam¬ics of development of the representatives of the family Syrphidae on tagged shrubs of damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) and their significance for biological control of the colonies of green rosette aphid (Macrosiphum rosae L.). Were collected larvae and pupae forms to determine the species composition and ratio sirfidnite flies into plantation. A major part of it was kind Chrysotoxum elegans, followed by Syrphus liniger and others, which contribute most importance in biological control of aphids, especially in the period after flowering of oil-bearing rose.
Keywords: oil-bearing rose; syrphid flies; aphids; biological control
Date published: 2017-01-30
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