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Influence of technical and technological parameters of a fan of air rotary sprayer on the distribution of the working fluid in the treatment of perennial crops
Blagoj Elenov, Georgi Kostadinov
Abstract: The protection of agricultural production from enemies must be carried out with maximum protection of the treated plantations and targeted utilization of the working fluid. Therefore, it is necessary that the distribution of the working fluid is consistent with the parameters of the treated object. In this context, the influence of the technical parameters and the mode of operation of three air rotary sprayers on the distribution of the working fluid was investigated. It was established that the formed air torch from the three different spraying bodies, with different diameter and number of fins, affects differently the nature of the distribution of the working fluid in height, and the frequency of rotation very little affects the relative distribution. Research shows that the choice of one or another working body must be consistent with the formation of the treated vineyard or orchid garden. In accordance with the nature of the relative distribution, the use of fan rotary spreader a diameter of 600 mm in the predominant treatment of vineyards and 500 mm in the treatment of orchards can be recommended.
Keywords: distribution of working fluid; fan rotary spreader; perennial crops; sprayer
Date published: 2023-10-30
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