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Influence of different norms of fertilizers and application of growth stimulant on growth, development and productivity of sweet pepper variety in the conditions of Kashkadarya region
Toshtemir Ostonakulov, Faxriddin Rasulov, Anvar Islomov
Abstract: The article presents the results of a study of growth, development, leaf surface area, the formation of a mass of tops and roots, the total and marketable yields of the Dar Tashkent sweet pepper variety at various norms of organomineral fertilizers with the use of growth stimulant, in particular gibberellin. It was revealed that with the joint application of organomineral fertilizers at a rate of 20 t/ha + N200P160K100 kg/ha and the treatment of plants during the flowering period with gibberellin solutions (0.6-0.7 g per 10 l of water) in sweet pepper variety Dar Tashkent has a positive effect on growth, development of plants, resulting in theformation of tall (86 cm) with the largest leaf surface (0.71 m2), powerful tops (905 g) and root system (191 g), productivity (917 g) and marketable yield (34.7 t/ha). At the same time, the yield increase amounted to 5.9-8.8 hectares.
Keywords: Capsicum annuum; fruit; gibberellin; leaf; root; yield
Date published: 2023-10-24
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