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Influence of light on the sowing qualities of seeds in two species of the genus Monarda
Ralitsa Gavrilova, Nadejda Zapryanova
Abstract: In 2020, a laboratory experiment was conducted at the Institute of Ornamental and Medicinal Plants – Sofia with seed material from two types of monarda. After the morphological characteristics of the seeds of Monarda fistulosa and Monarda didyma, the influence of light on the germination and germination energy of their sown material was studied. The biometric indicators of the developed sprouts were monitored. As a result of the conducted research, it has been established, that the species Monarda didyma is characterized by larger seeds. The seeds of both types of monarda, are influenced by light as a factor determining their germination. The reported germination on days 7 and 14 shows that the seeds in both species germinate in the light. The species Monarda didyma is characterized by higher % germinated seeds 53% and 76%. Compared to it, Monarda fistulosa has 11% lower germination on day 7, and on 14 with 18.5%. The seeds of Monarda fistulosa show better germination energy on day 5, while in Monarda didyma they are characterized by higher germination on day 14. In the light, in both species, better root development is observed compared to the stems of the formed sprouts.
Keywords: germination; light; Monarda didyma; Monarda fistulosa; seeds
Date published: 2023-04-26
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