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Dynamics of growth, yield and quality of the oriental tobacco variety Krumovgrad 56 depending on the level of mineral fertilization and food area
Ivko Stamatovorcid
Abstract: The oriental tobacco variety Krumovgrad 56 was created by the method of inter-varietal hybridization in 2019. It has been conducted a complex agro-technical experiment. The influence of the nutrient area was tested formed by three intra-row planting distances and three fertilizer rates with combined mineral fertilizer NPK 15-15-15. The tests and research have shown that the rate of mineral fertilization directly affects the growth and development of oriental tobacco. Increasing the rate of fertilization leads both to accelerate the rate of growth and leaf formation, and to increase the size of the leaves of all harvests. The increase in the food area also has a positive effect on these indicators, but the correlation coefficients have not been statistically proven. The application of higher rates of mineral fertilization increases the average yield per decare, but leads to a degradation in the quality of the raw material obtained. Increasing planting distances reduces the yield per decare and degrades the quality of the raw material. A fertilization model has been established to direct the yield elements in the desired direction.
Keywords: agricultural techniques; fertilization; food area; tobacco; yield
Date published: 2023-02-21
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