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Influence of fertilization on changes of structural elements and wheat yield
Stanimir Enchev, Rumen Bazitov
Abstract: The study was conducted in the period 2019 - 2020 in the experimental field of Agricultural Institute Shumen with variety “Venka” - 1 on carbonate black soil (chernozem). The influence of different forms of fertilization on wheat productivity was studied, as well as the possibility for partial replacement of mineral fertilizers with the Siapton product. Several fertilization systems were tested in the experiment, including the participation of mineral fertilizers and combinations of mineral fertilizers with Siapton in the following variants: T0 - control, without fertilization; T1 - N180P140K100, kg/da active substance; T2- N90P70K50 + Siapton - 2 l/da; T3 - N0P70 K0 + Siapton - 3l/ha. It was found that the best indicators of the elements of yield in wheat were obtained by mineral fertilization with N180P140K100 kg/ha. By reducing the fertilizer rate by half plus foliar fertilization with Siapton, as well as fertilization only with phosphorus fertilizer at P2O5 rate - 70 kg/ha + Siapton, the indicators of the structural elements of the yield were significantly reduced, which also affected the yield.
Keywords: mineral fertilization; structural elements; wheat; yield
Date published: 2022-02-25
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