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The difference between the rainfall and the evaporability for the June - August period and soybean yield under non-irrigation growing conditions
Georgi Georgiev
Abstract: Data on the quantities of rainfall, and the evaporability and the difference between them for the „June – August” period during the last 22 years (1999 to 2020) for the region of the Soybean Experimental Station - Pavlikeni, was used in the study. The region is representative for Central Northern Bulgaria. Data on average yields by years of agro-technical field trials with different varieties, sowing times and inter-row distances as well as data on average yields from production fields of the same varieties harvested only from non-irrigated growing conditions was used in the study, too. Some relation of the soybean yields on the difference between quantities of the rainfall and the evaporability for the “June - August” period, have been identified.
Keywords: soybean; rainfall; evaporability; yield
Date published: 2021-04-23
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