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Reproductive and biometric indicators for sweet cherry cultivars
Anita Stoeva, Nicolai Christov
Abstract: The investigation was conducted in 2014-2016 in the region of Institute of Agriculture – Kyustendil on 12 medium and late ripening sweet cherry cultivars: Patriotka Krima, Früe rote Meckenheimer, Hartland, Royalton, Merchant, Sumerset, Krupnoplodnаja, Lapins, Blackgold and Sunburst. They are grafted on seedling rootstock /Prunus mahaleb L./. Bing and Kozerska were used for standard cultivars. The trees were planted in the spring of 1996, with planting distance of 6 x 5m, under non-irrigation conditions and formed in a free-growing crown. Kozerska (45.5 kg) followed by middle-ripening Krupnoplodnaja (38.6 kg), Lapins (34.2 kg) and Sunburst (34.0 kg) are the highest tree yields. Kozerska, Sunburst and Lapins are considered promising cultivars because of their higher fertility, mass and size of the fruit.
Keywords: cultivar; stonе; sweet cherry; yield, fruit
Date published: 2020-10-22
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