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Evaluation of the rates of change of productivity of some main varieties, selected in DAI G. Toshevo for the period 2007 2017 years
Emil Penchev, Rumyana Alexandrova
Abstract: The productivity of 16 new varieties of winter soft wheat was analyzed selected at the Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute and implemented in practice for an 11-year period. The rate of productivity of each variety for this period by years is estimated. The average rate is calculated as a geometric mean. The applied analysis of productivity and the obtained average estimates of the rates for the period prove that the studied varieties show growth in the indicator “yield” and show resistance to changes in climatic conditions. The Todora, Christie, Enola and Aglika varieties increased their productivity by an average of 2% over the period. The varieties Laska, Korona, Demetra and Antonovka are characterized by the lowest coefficients. Тhe varieties Milena, Iveta, Neda, Aglika, Antonovka, Karina and Karat are characterized by their higher resistance to climate change, the varieties Korona, Kristi, Galatea and Demetra reacted more significantly.
Keywords: winter soft wheat; productivity; ecological plasticity and stability
Date published: 2020-08-13
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