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Cultivation and evaluation of series yellow and green apple varieties in Yantai, China
Song Laiqing, Dimitar Sotirov, Wang Xiaofei, Stanislava Dimitrova, Liu Meiying, Liu Xueqing, Jiang Zhongwu, Zhao Lingling
Abstract: Apple is the main fruit cultivated in Yantai, but mainly red varieties, excellent yellow and green varieties are lacking. In order to enrich the variety structure of apples in Yantai area and increase the diversity of yellow-green varieties, the team selected 15 yellow and green apple varieties through introduction and cross-breeding methods to conduct planting experiments in Yantai area. The botanical characters, fruit quality and phenology of the varieties were evaluated. The results show that 15 varieties have different characteristics in botany characters, fruit quality and maturity period. From mid-July to early November, each variety has unique varieties characteristics and can be used as a characteristic yellow and green apple variety to promote cultivation in Yantai area.
Keywords: botany traits, fruit quality; Yantai area; yellow-green varieties
Date published: 2020-04-30
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