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Yields of early nectarine cultivars in a period of complete fruiting
Dimitar Vassilev, Argir Zhivondov
Abstract: The experience was carried out between 2014 and 2016 year in an Experimental station of Agriculture – Han Krum. The orchard was established in a spring of 2011. The following cultivars were examined: Aureliogrand, Sunfree, Bigtop, Gergana, Wineberger, Nectagrand 2, Kaldesi 2000 and Inependence. Nectarine cultivars were grafted on Elbert seedlings and on GF 677 clonal rootstocks. The article analyzes the indicators: thickness of the stem (cm2), crown volume (m3), yield per tree (kg), weight of one fruiting (g), coefficient of productivity (kg/cm2), yield of m3 of the crown volume (kg/m3) and the types of branches (mixed, wood, color, bouquet and before temporary branches of first order and number of growth points). There was a trend for cultivars grafted on GF 677 clonal rootstock to exceed those of the (Elbert) seedlings on the indicators thickness of the stem, crown volume, yield per tree and weight of one fruit. In terms of indirect indicators: coefficient of productivity (kg/cm2) and yield of m3 of the crown volume the cultivars of seed rootstock were distinguished by higher values. Nectarine cultivars grafted on GF 677 formed both bigger quantity mixed, wood, color, bouquet, before temporary branches of first order and growth points.
Keywords: cultivars; fruiting; Prunus persica var. nucipersica; rootstock
Date published: 2020-04-30
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