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Investigation of cold hardiness of perspective sweet cherry cultivars and elitеs
Simeon Krumov, Nicolai Christov
Abstract: The reaction of selected sweet cherry cultivars and elites to low winter temperatures in controlled (laboratory) and natural conditions was studied in 2018 and 2019. Тhe results for the three controlled freezing levels (-15ºС; -20ºС; -25ºС), showed that Hartland, Blackgold and Whitegold cultivars have relatively highest resistance to low winter temperatures. Positive differences have been established between them and the Van standard. Royalton cultivar was proven the most sensitive to low winter temperatures. In field conditions (-20,0° C, March 1st, 2018) higher cold hardiness of all cultivars and elites was confirmed in comparison to the standard. The exception cultivar Royalton. Under these conditions, the reaction of newly introduced sweet cherry cultivars was also studied. Bigalise and Santina excelled with very good cold hardiness with 31,1% and 38,1% of the buds damaged. The cold damages to the other cultivars were significantly higher - between 79,4% (Bigalise pozna) and 98,9% (Victor).
Keywords: cold hardiness; controlled and natural conditions; sweet cherry
Date published: 2020-03-10
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