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Vegetative actions of plum trees, Stanley variety after treatment with innovative organic fertilizers
Marian Pashev, Veselina Badjelova
Abstract: In this study are presented the results of set vegetative symptoms of plum trees variety Stanley, after treatment with the liquid organic fertilizer “Aminobest” (0,9%, v/v) and “Ekosist-Arbanassi” (0,8%, v/v). For the of 2015- 2017 g. they are recorded subsequent changes parameters “section of the shaft” (cm²), “volume of the crown” (m³), and “the projection of the crown” (m²). Marked by a branch of a tree were studied: “annual shoots (pcs.); “year aggregate rate” (cm) and an average length of one-year growth (cm). It has been found that the foliar and soil application of liquid organic fertilizers Aminobest and Ekosist-Arbanasi favorably influence on the habitus of plum trees variety Stanley. Foliar treatment Aminobest contributes to the formation of the largest one-year growth of a tree, and to increase the average length during the three years of the survey. After foliar application of Ekosist-Arbanasi trend of decreasing values of this index is established.
Keywords: Aminobest; Bacillus subtillis- Bacillus subtillis TS 01; Ekosist-Arbanasi; organic fertilizers; Stenley; vegetative action
Date published: 2019-08-21
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