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Methods for estimation of missing meteodata required by scheduling irrigation models
Alexander Sadovski
Abstract: Irrigation scheduling models require a full set of meteorological data to determine the time to irrigate and amount of irrigation water for agricultural crops. Determination of evapotranspiration is part of these models and they require the availability of real current data. Frequently, some of the indicators are missing from the meteodata required by the irrigation models. Then the task of their estimation appears. Various cheap stationary or mobile weather stations and instruments are available in the market, but they are able to provide just some of the necessary data. If any of the required weather data are missing or cannot be calculated, it is strongly recommended that the user estimate the missing data. Procedures to estimate missing air temperature, humidity, radiation, wind speed and precipitation data are given in the article with some examples.
Keywords: irrigation scheduling; evapotranspiration; meteodata; missing data
Date published: 2019-05-31
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