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Comparative testing of new lines Oriental tobacco ecotype Dupnitsa
Svetlana Malinova
Abstract: The survey was conducted in the period 2017 - 2018 in the field of the Rila Tobacco Experiment Station, at theInstitute of Tobacco and Tobacco Products - Markovo. There are four new oriental tobacco lines and two variety of ecotype Dupnitsa - Rila 82 and Rila 544 (standard). Lines 503, 507, 518 and 527 were created as a result of inter-sorted hybridization between varieties of the Dupnitsa ecotype and the introduction of the Prilep ecotype (Republic of Northern Macedonia). Biometric measurements were made on the following quantitative signs: plant height (cm), leaves count, length and width of 14th leaf (cm). Reported yield (kg/da) and quality of dry tobacco. A mathematical assessment of morphological and economic signs was performed by dispersion analysis. From the data obtained, it follows that lines 503, 507 and 518 have the highest yield compared to the control and exceeded significantly in quality. A valuable source material for the selection of oriental tobacco ecotype Dupnitsa was created.
Keywords: oriental tobacco; new tobacco lines; quantitative signs; economic indicators
Date published: 2019-05-31
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