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Estimation of new hybrids in first generation of Burley tobacco
Yovko Dyulgerski
Abstract: Eight new hybrid combinations in the first generation of varietal group Burley tobacco are studied in the experimental field of TTPI. Biological and economic evaluation is made of the studied variants. As a result, the study found that all studied hybrids outperform by biometric identifiers standard variety Pliska 2002. The results for the length of the vegetative period, as in the seedling stage and in the field, showed significant superiority of new hybrids over the standard variety. They have 5 to 11 days shorter vegetation compared to Pliska 2002 variety. Hybrid 1550 showed highest yield followed by Hybrid 1539. The latter, however, presents himself with a low percentage of first class. The highest percentage of first class is obtained from Hybrid 1542, which gives the lowest percentage of third grade. This option, however, is low-yield. Favorable indicators in terms of percentage of first class are produced by Hybrid 1532 and Hybrid 1534. Hybrid 1550 is best represented on the complex of economic indicators, and it is with highest yield and with a comparatively favorable ratio of the classes. The results of economic evaluation showed that all new hybrids in the first generation are superior to the standard variety Pliska 2002, both in production and in percentage of first class, indicating perspective of heterosis selection in Burley tobacco.

Keywords: Burley tobacco; hybrids; biological indicators; economic evaluation
Date published: 2019-05-31
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