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Registering of disease apricot leaf curl near the town of Shumen
Krasimira Tanova, Maria Kaschieva, Penka Momchilova
Abstract: During the period 12-21.05.2018 a survey of the state of apricots plantations was made and 82 decares were examined, situated in the land of town Shumen and the villages Salmanovo and Velino. On some trees in the region of Shumen symptoms alike of peach leaf curl were established. The malformations were established on old and new leaves and they began from the top of the shoot and the sprout. The leaves were bended and thicken with light hypertrophy, with short foot stalks, small and tender. The new leaves had reddish colour and the old ones were whitish. Later the leaves became dark grey and died out. The disease is caused by the pathogen Taphrina deformans var. armeniaca, described for the first time in 1903 by Ikeno. Symptoms observations have been made to demonstrate the disease. Microscopic images and morphological studies have been made for measuring the exoasci, ascospores and blastospores.
Keywords: Taphrina deformans var. armeniaca; apricot leaf curl; symptoms
Date published: 2019-05-27
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