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Effect of temperature and humidity on quality score of sour cherry fruits (Prunus cerasus L.)
Olena Vasilishina
Abstract: The article presents the effect of climate conditions during the growing season of sour cherry on the chemical composition of fruits. It is established that the chemical composition of sour cherry fruits formed during ripening, 15 days before harvesting. The content of soluble substances and sugars in fruits significantly increased with the rise of the sum of effective temperatures with almost no rainfall (12.8 mm). The same conditions help to reduce the acidity of the fruit and increased sugar-acid index to 10. The content of tannins and coloring substances in fruits of sour cherry is consistently high regardless of weather conditions (1.00-1.04%). It is found a strong correlation dependence between hydrothermal coefficient and content of dry soluble substances and deduced regression equation.
Keywords: chemical composition; fruits; sour cherry; weather conditions
Date published: 2018-03-28
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