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Analysis of the vegetation rainfall and its relation to soybean yield under non-irrigation growing conditions
Georgi Georgiev
Abstract: Data on the vegetation rainfall (the periods April - September and June - August) during the last 18 years (1999 to 2016) for the region of the Soybean Experimental Station - Pavlikeni, was used in the study. The region is representative for Central Northern Bulgaria. Data on average yields by years of agro-technical field trials with different varieties, sowing times and inter-row distances as well as data on average yields from production fields of the same varieties harvested only from non-irrigated growing conditions was used in the study, too. Some trends have been identified with relation to the quantities and distribution of rainfall over the studied period, as well as with relation to the soybean yield obtained from non-irrigation growing conditions.
Keywords: soybean; rainfall; yield
Date published: 2017-10-20
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