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Structure and Quality Analysis of Yield for Katinka Plum Cultivar
Georgi Popski, Boryana Stefanova, Ivan Minev
Abstract: In RIMSA – Troyan, the reproductive manifestations, structure and quality of yield were studied, at an experimental plum plantation with Katinka plum cultivar, under conditions of 2015. It has been found that Katinka plum cultivar develops well and gives fruit in the Central Balkan Mountain region. This cultivar entered early in fruit bearing stage, even in the second year. Fruits reached ripening stage in the end of July. They had purple-blue colouring of fruit skin and weight of 19.2 g. Three variants of soil surface cultivation were studied: 1) autumn fallow, 2) natural grass establishment, 3) artificial grass establishment. A structural fruit analysis was conducted. The greatest percentage of large fruits was gathered in the first – 32.0%, and the third variant – 33.8%. The highest total yield – 618 kg/da, was obtained in the first variant in maintaining of autumn fallow. Intensive attack by Monilia fructigena was reported for the three variants, as almost 1/5 (20 – 24%) of the fruits had damages.
Keywords: agrotechnics; cultivars; introduction; plum; reproductive manifestations
Date published: 2017-08-10
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