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Study of Nectarine Cultivars in the Period of Initial Fruiting I. Growth Manifestations and Yield of Early Nectarine Cultivars
Dimitar Vassilev, Argir Zhivondov
Abstract: The study was conducted during the period 2011 – 2013 at the Experimental Station of Agriculture – Khan Krum. Studied are eight cultivars of nectarines engrafted of the seed rootstock (Elbert) and clonal GF – 677. The object of study is the following cultivars Aureliogrand, Sunfriy, Big top, Gergana,
Wineberger, Nectagrand 2, Caldesi 2000, independence. Analysis of the yield data indicate that proven to high test yield characterize Independence/GF – 677, Wineberger/GF – 677, Caldesi 2000/GF – 677 and Nectagrand 2/GF – 677 (10.7 to 13.9 kg per tree). The cultivars of rootstocks GF – 677 form more mixed, wood, color, bouquet and before temporary branches of the frst order of those on
seminal rootstocks.
Keywords: cultivars; nectarine; rootstock; yield
Date published: 2017-08-10
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