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Influence of sugar and fodder beet pollinators on the productivity of their hybrids
Georgi Kikindonov
Abstract: With the liquidation of the sugar-production industry the growing of sugar beet in Bulgaria has been limited to production of rich forage. The modern varieties are hybrids of monogerm MS-lines with diploid and tetraploid sugar and fodder beet pollinators. The favorable combination of the high productivity of the fodder beet forms with the higher sugar content of the sugar beet lines determines the basic use of the semi-sugar beet hybrids for forage. The progress in the breeding of high productivity sugar beet pollinators and hybrids gives possibility for their use as forage with high nutrition value too. In the
present research is made a comparative assessment of the influence of the paternal components on the productivity of sugar and semi-sugar beet hybrids. In the conditions of extreme deviations from the agro-climatic norm the influence of the high productivity of the fodder beet pollinators on the productive potential of the semi-sugar beet hybrids is decreased.
Keywords: MS-lines; pollinators; sugar beet; fodder beet; semi-sugar beet hybrids
Date published: 2017-08-09
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