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Study of breeding populations of birdsfood trefoil and red clover in mixtures
Galina Naydenova, Dimitar Mitev
Abstract: In the three years field test elite breeding populations of birdsfood trefoil and red clover selected for pasture utilization were compared with standard varieties of these species (Targovishte 1 and Sofa 52) in mixtures with meadow timothy and creeping bentgrass The grass mixtures were cut at two different
stage of development of the legumes – stem elongation (when it is appropriate for grazing), and flowering (the stage when it is usually use for hay preparing). A significant variation was found in the yield of the mixtures, which may be considered as an effect of the legume genotypes and related to the time
of cutting and grass species included in the mixtures. At the stage of stem elongation the yield of the breeding populations mixtures, including meadow timothy, was equal to the yield of standard varieties mixtures. The results suggested a better productivity of breeding populations in spring growth as well
as in late summer regrowth. It was found that breeding populations exceeded standard varieties as regards of the establishment and sustainability of the swards, regardless of the time of grass cutting.
Keywords: red clover; birdsfood trefoil; breeding; mixtures
Date published: 2017-08-09
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