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Control of sucking insects and forage productivity in organic production on spring forage pea (Pisum sativum L.)
Ivelina Nikolova, Natalia Georgieva
Abstract: It was studied the effect of biological insecticides NeemAzal T/S® and Pyrethrum FS EC applied alone and in combination with Polyversum (biological growth regulator and fungicide) and Biofa (organic foliar fertilizer) on sucking insects population density and forage productivity of spring forage pea.
Nurelle D (synthetic insecticide) applied alone and in combination with Flordimex 420 (synthetic growth regulator) was used as standard. The treatments were conducted once (at budding stage) and twice (at budding and flowering stages). The interaction of Pyrethrum with Biofa was the most efficient variant
among organic products where the reduction in the sucking density reached 50.6%, 36.8% and 29.2%, respectively on thrips, aphids and leaf hoppers and plant bugs. The forage pea production was the highest (6024.2 kg/ha) under use of Pyrethrum with Biofa as it reached this of the syntetic combination Nurelle D + Flordimex with inessential difference by 2.4%. Good control and high production were
observed under treatment with Pyrethrum + Polyversum and Neemazal + Polyversum.
Keywords: organic products; forage productivity; sucking pests; spring forage pea
Date published: 2017-08-09
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