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Pathogenic variation of Ascochyta rabiei in North-East Bulgaria
Yordanka Stanoeva
Abstract: A limiting factor of growing chick pea in Bulgaria and in other regions worldwide is its susceptibility to Ascochyta blight. The disease is caused by the phyto pathogenic fungus Ascochyta rabiei (Pass.) Labrousse (teleomorphDidymella rabiei=Mycosphaerella rabiei(Kovachevsky) v. Arx). The investigation involved 20 isolates of Ascochyta rabiei from the collection of DAI – General Toshevo collected from three different fields in North-East Bulgaria during 1997 – 1999. The virulence of the isolates was determined with the help of eight lines (ILC 202, ILC 2956, ILC 3279, ICC 76, ICC 607, ICC 4324, ICC 2165, ICC 1467) and one chick pea cultivar (Balkan). Based on the reaction of the used genotypes, the investigated isolates of Asc. rabiei were grouped into seven pathotypes (Pt). Pt 1 had lowest virulence, being virulent only to three lines. Pt 5 had highest virulence. Pathotype 5 was found in all investigated crops. The study revealed that the Asc. rabiei population in North-East Bulgaria consisted of various pathotypes.
Keywords: Ascochyta rabiei; pathogenic variation; virulence
Date published: 2017-08-09
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