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Study of hybrid material obtained with the participation of H. debilis T. and G. accessions
Daniela Valkova, Nina Nenova, Julia Encheva, Galin Georgiev, Valentina Encheva, Emil Penchev, Nurettin Tahsin
Abstract: Hybrid material with resistant type of reaction to leaves pathogens, obtained with participation of wild annual H. debilis accessions was obtained. Hybrid combinations, bearers of Rf genes, were established. The obtained hybrid forms were distinguished with seed oil content up to 47% as well as higher seed protein content. The intersperse hybrid forms, obtained with participation of four sterile analogues of cultivated sunflower lines, were distinguished with various morphological and phenological characteristics. Hybrid combinations with varied genetic potential, suitable to be included as initial material in the breeding programs were selected.
Keywords: Helianthus debilis; hybridization; protein; seed oil
Date published: 2017-08-09
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