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Sources of resistance to the leaves patogens caused grey (Phomopsis helianthi), brown (Alternaria sp.) and black (Phoma macdonaldi) spots on sunflower
Valentina Encheva, Daniela Valkova, Julia Encheva
Abstract: The presented results are from phytopathological investigations carried out with the wild species Helianthus argophyllus and its hybrid progenies, obtained from crosses with five male sterile lines of cultivated sunflower, created in DAI. It was established the presence of resistance to grey (Phomopsis helianthi), brown, (Alternaria sp.) and black (Phoma macdonaldi) spots on sunflower. The investigations were carried out in the infection field of Dobroudja Agricultural Institute during 2008 – 2010. As a result from self-pollination and purposeful selection some new hybrid forms were developed; they combined high resistance to some pathogens with valuable economic traits. Some morphological, phenological and biochemical characters were also studied. The obtained materials possess resistant genes and can therefore be either successfully included in the breeding programs of DAI for developing the new genetic material or be used as donors for developing new hybrid combinations.
Keywords: sunflower; resistance; Phomopsis helianthi; Alternaria sp.; Phoma macdonaldi
Date published: 2017-08-09
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