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Manifestation of chlorosis on trees of pome and stone fruit species, grown in the field around the town of Sofia
Evlogi Markov, Antoniy Stoev, Rumen Filipov
Abstract: Data are presented concerning chlorosis observed on the trees of pome and stone fruit species, grown in the region of municipalities Bozhurishte and Kostinbrod, district of Sofia. The investigation is realized during the period June 2013 – August 2014. It was specified that the chlorosis is severe manifested on the trees of apple, pear, medlar, sour cherry, cherry and plum. Some trees, whose leaves are completely yellow, have drying twigs and branches. From the data for chemical composition of the soil it could be concluded that the higher soil alkaline level impedes the trees to assimilate iron from the soil. In a plot of newly planted apple orchard are observed chlorotic manifestations, drying and perishing trees in view of the lack of drainage and retention of water for long leading to asphyxia of the root system.
Keywords: asphyxia; chlorosis; pome and stone fruit species
Date published: 2017-08-09
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