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Susceptibility of sour cherry cultivars to economically important fungal diseases in Kyustendil area
Maria Borovinova
Abstract: The investigation was carried out in experimental sour cherry orchard of the Institute of Agriculture, Kyustendil planted in 1996 with four sour cherry cultivars – Heimanns rubinveichsel, M-15, Nefris and Schattenmorelle self-rooted and grafted on IK-M9 mahaleb rootstock. The susceptibility of cultivars to M. laxa is determined by counting of infected fruiting spurs and shoots. The susceptibility of cultivars to B. jaapii is determined by counting the degree of attack of leaves. The rate of attack was calculated using the formula of townsent and Heuberger. It was established that all studied sour cherry cultivars were susceptible to M. laxa and B. jaapii. The highly susceptible cultivar to 2 diseases is Heimanns rubinveichsel. IK-M9 mahaleb rootstock is not
influence over susceptibility of cultivars to brown rot and cherry leaf spot.
Keywords: brown rot; cherry leaf spot; sour cherry; susceptibility
Date published: 2017-08-09
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