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Effect of rainfalls about cracking fruit on cherry cultivars and elites
Nikolay Christov, Anita Stoeva
Abstract: Studies have been conducted on the effects of prolonged rainfall during the ripening of fruits and their sensitivity to cracking promising cherry cultivars and elites. Studies were carried out in the region of Kyustendil, Bulgaria in 2014 under natural conditions. The growing season is characterized by frequent and heavy precipitation and low average air temperatures. During the months of June and July are respectively 87 mm and 46.3 mm. It has been found that when a variety ratheripe Bigarreau Burlat cracks is within 26%. In the middle of
the season varieties with the lowest sensitivity are № 6374, Merchant, № 32/29, Vanda – between 1 and 15% and the highest Kakianes – 80%. In late ripening with less damages are Regina, Tragana edesis, № 6387, № 32/27 and Kozerska – from 8 to 15%, and the largest in № 6541 – 34%
Keywords: cherry; cracking; rainfall; varieties
Date published: 2017-08-09
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