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A study of introduced black currant varieties
Nedyalka Stoyanova, Veselka Antonova, Denitsa Serbezova
Abstract: In the period 2010 – 2013 a study comprising 5 varieties of black currant (Leningradski velikan, Koksa, Тitania, Triplex и Hedda) was carried out in the experimental field in Kostibrod at the Institutе of Agriculture – Kyustendil.
The objective of the study was to explore the introduced varieties and to outline the ones that performed best so that they should be included in a competitive variety investigation and later launched into production. The average yield for the studied varieties varies from 1.150 kg/bush (Koksa) to 1.978 kg/bush (Triplex). Leningradski velikan and Triplex demonstrate a satisfactory yield. In the local climatic conditions of Kostinbrod the fruitfulness of Тitania and Hedda is below estimates. The average fruit
weight is between 0.65 g to 0.95 g. Koksa has small fruits (0.65 g) and Triplex has medium-sized ones (0.89 g). Leningradski velikan (0.95 g), Тitania (0.94 g.) and Hedda (0.92 g.) have large fruits. The number of formed fruitful shoots varies from 10.67 (Hedda) to 13.46 (Koksa) and the number of clusters per shoot varies from 21.53 (Hedda) to 26.95 (Triplex). Triplex and Leningradski velikan are the most fruitful varieties in the certain climatic conditions.
Keywords: black currant; fruit weight; fruitfulness; number of clusters; shoots; varieties
Date published: 2017-08-09
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