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Biological characteristic of strawberry cultivars
Veselka Antonova
Abstract: During the last several years, new introduced cultivars the qualities of which have been known mainly from literary resources, have been included in production. This has imposed the necessity of further research to investigate their response to the specific soil-climatic conditions. In this article the results of a two-year trial investigating the main characteristics of the following strawberry varieties: Maya, Camino Real, Elegance, Serenity, Fenella, Onda, Selva, Camarosa, Ventana, Diamante, Gaviota, Tethis with standard Redgauntlet are presented. The biological research includes resistance to late spring frost, drought tolerance, number of flowerings and flowers per plant, fruitfulness (kg/plant, kg/da). As a result of a complex, overall assessments, the best varieties have been selected (Elegance, Serenity, Fenella), and will be proposed for inclusion onto the cultivar list aiming its renewal and improvement.
Keywords: cultivars; fruitfulness; strawberry; variety testing; yield
Date published: 2017-08-09
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