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Collection of Pelargonium genus: history of formation and development prospects
Nadezhda Gutiyeva
Abstract: The paper considers some problems in collection formation of the most numerous representative from Gerani-aceae (L.) family of Pelargonium L. Herit. genus, as well its importance, replenishment prospects and use. Natural distribution area of pelargonium is Cape region, located in subtropical zone, in the far south-west of Africa. Sub¬tropical areas of Russia are the most northern subtropics in the globe. The amount of warmth here corresponds to the limit boundary of the world’s subtropical areas, which allows to successfully introduce many valuable or¬namental and fruit crops. At the same time, there is a number of adverse climatic features, which complicate the process of plants adaptation. More than 150 species, cultivars and garden hybrids of Pelargonium are cultivated in the collection of the garden-museum “Tree of Friendship” of the All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops. The main groups are represented, among which the most numerous group of the following high-ornamental pelargoniums are: P. zonale L.Herit., P. grandiflorum Willd., P. peltatum (L.) Ait., P. tomentosum L’Herit., P. capitatum Ait., P. cucullatum Ait., P. odoratissimum (L.) L’Herit. ex Ait., P. fragrans Willd., R. roseum Willd. Ecological and biological characteristics of specific pelargoniums are studied. It is determined that fragrant and specific pelargoniums have a high adaptive capacity. It is also revealed that the most adapted group includes Pelargonium crispum Ait. and its hybrids. Collected samples are used to create highly ornamental hybrids with valuable economic features. New varieties of zonal and large-flowered pelargoniums are registered in the State Committee of the Russian Federation. In this work the prospects of using the most adapted species, cultivars and hybrids in urban landscaping of Black Sea coast were studied.
Keywords: Pelargonium; collection; introduction; perspective species
Date published: 2017-07-26
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