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Growing walnut interplanted with peach - economic aspects
Vanya Manolova, Stefan Gandev
Abstract: The delayed return on investment in walnut production is due to the late entering of the trees into fruit-bearing. Therefore, possibilities of generating earlier revenues from walnut production have been sought. Two variants of walnut growing were studied in the present investigation: separate (compact) growing of walnut and interplanting walnut with peach. The aim of the experiment was to evaluate and discuss the economic parameters of the two approaches. The studied economic characteris¬tics do not differ considerably. The return on investment period is 5 – 6 years. 11% less investment is necessary for a compact walnut plantation, however the income is delayed for three years. The natural and climatic conditions, the professional experi¬ence, preferences, the concrete production and capital resources the producer could rely on, are the determining factors for the choice of one of those two approaches.
Keywords: economic assessment; interplanting; Juglans regia; peach; walnut
Date published: 2017-07-26
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