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Fruit quality components in different tomato genotypes
Vesselina Vassileva, Nikolay Dinev, Ivanka Mitova
Abstract: A field experiment was carried out with different color tomato cultivars and hybrids (orange – Altaiski orange, pink – Bull’s heart, red – Nikolina F1 and Atak as well as black – Black prince aiming to evaluate the effect of coloration on overall fruit quality. During the research, biochemical quality components (Vitamin C, total acidity, lycopene, sugar and dry matter content) were evaluated at two separate harvest dates. The study established that the highest content of dry matter, sugars, vitamin C and lycopene was recorded in cultivar Black prince compared to all other analyzed cultivars and hybrids. The data presented is of value as guidance for the future selection and breeding practices using black colored tomato cultivars for increasing the quality components content. It was determined that hybrid Nikolina F1 significantly surpasses hybrid Atak at the first harvest by showing higher rates of Vitamin C, lycopene, sugars and dry matter content and higher concentration of lycopene and sugars on the second harvest date.
Keywords: tomato; Solanum lycopersicum; genotypes; acidity; lycopene; sugar; dry matter
Date published: 2017-07-26
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